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NEWBORN SESSION: These new little sweethearts are best photographed in the first 2 weeks, preferably in the first 3-10 days. As they are very sleepy in the first 10 days, I can position them accordingly without waking them up. It becomes more challenging to create those sleeping shots after this period. The following information provides an insight into what to expect before you book your newborn session:
  • Each package includes a 4 hours photography session that can take place at our fantastic studio (Walter's Ash), which is designed specifically for the purpose of newborn photography.
  • If you decide to visit our studio and are bottle feeding, please bring lots of bottles as the baby will require more nutrition that normal during the session.
  • I provide a width range of photography props such as funny hats, 'baby bed'/ airplane/ train/ flower pots and much more. These props provide the ultimate cute factor that will wow all your friends and family!
  • During a session room will be very, very worm, so our newborn fells a comfortable and sleepy.
  • If you want some family shots? (Make this clear when you book!) CD package Silver or Gold will be perfect for you. There is no additional fee for a sibling present during a newborn session. I am happy to include pictures of them together, however it is a parent's responsibility to keep the older brother or sister busy (session normally lasts 4 hours) and away from a baby, so I can do my magic.

Below is a collection of the most frequent questions I get asked prior to or during any newborn shoot. If you have a question that isn't covered here please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shoots can take anywhere up to 4 hours. The most important thing is to keep the baby warm and adequately nourished in order to ensure that he/she will sleep.

The reason I suggest photographing the baby at around 4-10 days is that at this stage they are at their most agile. The most important thing to remember is that all positions are safe (those looking warring has been edited and babies head has been supported). We never force a baby to be in positions they clearly don't like. There is always alternative position or different photo prop to use in hand.

Of course, this actually makes things a little easier for me as I can arrange to arrive during a feed and be setup and ready to start when you finish. Feel free to wake your baby for another feed at any time.

We always aim to satisfy your demands, if there is anything that appeals to please notify me prior to the shoot so I can come prepared with any props I need.

Please don't stress about them peeing (or worse) on my stuff. It will happen. I am fully prepared with blankets etc to deal with this! It's not a big deal; I will happily do laundry for the sake of cute pictures.

To book the session, please contact me before your baby is born and I'll pencil in your due date. At this point, I will ask you for ?55 non-refundable deposit fee that will be deducted from the full price upon completion of the session. You can pay cash (visit the studio), cheque or money transfer after which your session will be reserved for you as a priority within 10 days of their arrival. Give me a call or send a quick text to let me know he/she has arrived and we can schedule the session. As newborns rarely arrive when expected I endeavour to keep a couple of slots open around due dates for early or late arrivals and will always do my utmost to fit you in. The day of the shoot is when you need to decide which package suites you best. The session fee is payable upon arrival.
The images selection is a photographer choice; however we will discuss your expectations over the phone or during a session.
Approximately 2 weeks after your session, your special CD will be ready to collect at our studio (alternatively it can be posted with no additional fee).

I only need a small space to work but the room we shoot in needs to have plenty of natural light. I may ask to change the room if I think a different area in your house will work better. Please do not worry about clearing up, I completely understand those hazy first days at home with a newborn!

Some of the poses you may have seen are difficult to achieve after the initial 14-day stage, however we will endeavour to fulfil your request and will organise an event around your baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and special time which can fly by very quickly. The anticipation of meeting your new family member can be so exciting, and you have probably spent ages making sure everything is ready for their impending arrival. Now is your time! A pre-birth, pregnancy shoot can be very relaxing and uplifting event. Why not treat yourself to a stunning pregnancy portrait to celebrate this special time?
Below, you can find all the answers for the most common questions:

You can have your portraits taken at any stage of your pregnancy, although I suggest around 34 weeks, as at this time, your bump will be more pronounced. The most important is that you feel comfortable and confident.

The location of the shoot is your choice entirely. I provide a flexible service either at our friendly studio, in the comfort of your own home or any location nearby.

As each individual is unique, we tailor the shoot to your expectations. We will talk about the style of pictures you would like, discuss the options and look at some examples if you would like further inspiration. Then we will move on to the photo shoot, which may take around 2 hours.

Absolutely, one of the most important phases of your pregnancy are those last few magical moments with your partner before arrival of your bundle of joy. We can also feature any older siblings into a shoot, both with you and individually.

The most important is to remember that you look absolutely amasing! Forget your inhibitions and wear clothes that makes you feel sexy and confident, as this will reflect on the pictures.

Every pregnancy is different; some woman have stretch masks, whilst others have not. Either way I can retouch the pictures to your expectations.

I will process the images and make an initial selection of the best pictures. When this is completed, you will be able to choose your favourite photos in your private, password protected gallery on-line. All that in approximately 1-2 weeks after session.

Please remember, that now you can claim £40 off your newborn session!

Childhood is a magical, fleeting time that creates everlasting memories for every parent. My aim is to immortalise those moments of pure delight and laughter for many years and generations to come. I always aim to incorporate aspects of your child's individuality in each shoot such as including his/hers favourite toys, hobbies and personal items i.e. that old blanket they refuse to give up! Armed with this knowledge and loads of additional props I aim to achieve shots that will surely surpass your expectations!

Child's photography session can take up to two hours and can take place either at our friendly studio or in the comfort of your home. I also suggest choosing a minimum of three outfits in order to provide a variety of shots.

The best gift for yourself or a loved one is often something intimate, a token that personifies your character and individuality. This is the reason why a photo shoot is the perfect way to express your feelings to the special people in your life. Prior to the shoot I always take the time to get acquainted with my clients, as I believe this brings your personality and charm to the forefront, which in turn produces those timeless shots. There is no restriction placed on the number of shots and the sessions themselves will be laid back and enjoyable.